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 Faux Painting Business 
How do I make money in the faux painting business? 

Take an interest in faux painting and get the proper faux training, if you love faux painting, the money will follow. 

Do I need to be able to draw or have special talents to do faux painting? 
No drawing is required for faux painting, there are some very basic design principles to follow which are learned quickly. An interest in faux painting and providing a good faux painting service is more important than having any artistic talent.

How much can I expect to make the first year in the faux finishing business?  
The answer is up to you, it depends on what you can offer in the faux painting field and how you sell it. Any student that sets out to perform can easily make 50K plus not just working part time in faux painting.

I live in a small town, is there a market for faux painting? 
Every town has doctors, lawyers, small and large business owners, etc. There is a market for decorative painting in every town. From experience we can tell you that some of the most unsuspecting and humble clients will pay a lot for faux finishing, murals, Trompe l'oeil, venetain plaster and many other techniques..

I like to do faux painting,  I don't like "red tape" of business, what should I do?
Understand that faux painting is a service business, thousands of dollars are made on one single contract and it is much lower maintainence than a retail business. Establishing and maintaining the faux painting business is a simple matter, your main concern is offering a unique faux service that is priced properly and stands out above competitors and you can get there with the proper faux training and advice.

If you could offer only one bit of important advice about being a success in the faux business, what would it be? Learn to paint, and support your art with good business practices. 

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