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Fourday Faux Finishing & Business Class Graduates
Faux Finishes "Fourday Faux Finishing & Business Class: September 2005"
Another diverse group successfully completes the faux finishing class which is a condensed version of the German three year program for certified decorative artists. L to R: Karen from Wisconsin, Jill from Missouri, Paul from New York city, Kathryn & Lendy from Arkansas, Sherie from New Jersey, & Instructor Brian Bullard, Master Decorative Artist & owner of DAC.
Day Three: Simulation / Scenarios
After an hour of design instruction on choosing colors and basic design principles, each student was given objects for a mock room. The project is to come up with a custom faux finish for the MDF baseboard and wall sample using the fundamental faux finishing techniques learned in the previous days. Each student has full access to reference material and can ask for help from the instructor, just as our "Continued Faux Support Program" works in the field, completing their work in the two hour deadline.

Traditional New Home Kitchen
Cloth Wash & Marbled Base

Art Nouveau Inspired Bath
2-Color Brush Wash & Marbled Base
Faux Finishes
Faux Painting
Karen, from WI, has painted 
billboards for a company and 
is now venturing out with her 
own faux business. She 
already has projects lined up.
Jill from MO, is trained in 
accounting but going full 
force with her faux finishing 
business, after having done 
several faux projects.

Corporate Building Cafe'
2-Color Art Wash w/ Tiled Base

Ladies Den / Tea Room
Powdered Brush Wash & Stone Base
Faux Finish Painting
Faux Finishing Classes
Paul, from NY, is an art director 
who specializes in storyboards 
for ads. His faux finishing 
business will be an addition 
to his existing art services.
Lendy, from AR, came with 
her friend Kathryn, who she 
has painted with onsite before. 
She loves to paint, so why not 
start a faux business?

Old World Influenced Bedroom
Italian Wash w/ Tiled Base

Arts & Crafts / Mission Living Room
Parchment Wash w/ Woodgrained Base
Faux Finishing Classes
Faux Finishing Class
Kathryn, from AR, ran a 
resale / retail business for 12 
years. She has been running 
her own faux finishing and 
painting business since May 
and came to refine her 
skills & learn new methods.
Sherie, from NJ, has raised 
her family and taken a great 
interest in faux finishing, having 
done a few projects in her own 
home. She came to learn the 
"real deal" and will now venture 
outwards with her new skills.

Thank you graduates, in the group, and all graduates from DAC; you make yourselves, this great trade, and our faux finishing school really shine!

Inspired by our faux training methods and graduates? Ready to learn something new, to take it to the next level? Whether you're new to the trade, somewhat experienced, or running a full time faux finishing business, we have something new, fun, educational, and exciting for you! Please continue through any of the links on the left or below...

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Faux Finishing Classes
Classes in Faux Finishes, Venetian Plaster, Murals & Trompe l'oeil, & Business