Excited about faux finishing?
Hi, I'm Brian Bullard, Master Decorative Artist & owner of "The Decorative Arts Center" School for Faux Finishing.

Since 1986 I have made my living in the great world of decorative artistry, and it remains the most exciting and rewarding activity in my life! 

Do you enjoy being creative? Would you like to choose what you do, your work hours, how often you work, and how much you are paid?

How many times have you thought "I think I can do that"? You can! 

FACT: There are 25 million small businesses in America. There are few professionally trained "faux" businesses active in the industry today!

FACT: Decorative painting is the fastest growing, most profitable small business with the lowest cost of startup in the United States today!

FACT: As a service business, a faux finishing, mural, or plaster business avoids tons of paperwork, paying sales tax, has no perishable inventory, and is elgible for many great tax benefits! 

FACT: Our graduates earn $3000 to $10,000 within three to six months of graduating!

QUESTION: Can you follow simple instruction? If your answer is "yes" then you're elgible to become a successfully self-employed decorative artist! 

My Story: "From Midwesterner to Master"
When I graduated high school, in the midwest, in 1984 I felt lost, almost as if I had no future. I, like most kids, had doodled in pencil but had never painted. I got average grades in school and I couldn't go to college, having no way to pay for it.

Remember when "going to college" seemed to be some sort of guarantee to get a good job later on? Unfortunately, it wasn't then, and it still isn't now!

After a few years of odd jobs and disappointments, scraping to meet financial obligations, an exchange student friend from high school, living in Germany, made me an offer: I could move to Germany, work for his father's painting company, and in trade I could attend a three year school in decorative artistry. They got the work, I got the education.

I didn't speak German, I didn't know how to paint, but I packed my few things and got on that plane!

Long story short: in my training the Germans had me work in three major painting companies and I learned every aspect of the trade, from basic preps and coatings all the way to the finest of faux finishes, decorative plaster and Trompe l'oeil. After graduating the school, with honors, I was offered a long term contract with one of the best decorative artistry companies in Europe and was promoted to foreman.

I lived eight years in Germany, from 1986 to 1994, traveling throughout Europe and working on some of the best decorative artistry projects in the world: villas for celebrities and "high rollers", prolific businesses, and the finest of hotels.

Imagine that, a kid from the "simple" midwest, who was "down on his luck" just years before, now in charge of high profile decorative artistry projects in Europe!

In 1994 I decided to return to the midwest, it was time to "settle down" as well as buy a home and set my sights on my next dream: establishing an American school for decorative artistry, modeled after the faux school I attended in Europe!

Armed with my European training and knowledge, my painting business in the U.S. was a big hit! I didn't do what most American companies do, which is copy each other! AND, I had the extra knowledge of decorative artistry, centuries worth of information from the Europeans!

In 2000 my dream came true when I opened "The Decorative Arts Center", a state of the art school for decorative artistry specializing in the faux finishing, Trompe - l'oeil murals, decorative plasters, and business instruction. I have trained thousands of successful students in the art and business of this great trade. The school has been such a great success that I opened "The Decorative Arts Center North" in 2005, my 2nd school for decorative artistry.

Achieving all of that was work, hard work, and I loved every minute of it! Why? Because I LOVE this trade and I love this job, I love to paint and to help the people that want to have my work in their homes and the students who want to learn this great trade! Each day is a new adventure, an exciting opportunity to serve my new customers and students!

The School
Trompe l'oeil & Mural Painting Class
Who attends my school? Homeowners, hobbyists, enthusiasts, contractors, artists, decorative painting businesses, and people from all walks of life from all over the United States, even from other countries! Less than 5% of my students come from my local area, the rest travel to me because of my reputation of being one of the most knowledgable decorative artistry instructors in the US!

The average student age at "DAC" is 43, though I've had them from age 21 to 64! Some want to work part time, many go "full blown" with their business, some have existing faux or painting businesses and want to learn my skills and secrets.

Class is simple and straightforward: no special faux tools or products, no sales pitches, no novelty "systems" or schemes, just the information you need to achieve your goals taught to you in a friendly, professional, and concise manner.

Once you graduate from class you have lifetime "Continued Faux Support", so if you have any questions concerning a technique, bid, or project, I'm here in email and on the phone with help and answers,,,for the rest of your life! I am online daily offering support to graduates, helping them win new bids!

Already "Schooled", or Did You Get "Fooled"?
Have you ever attended a "faux school" or seminar? If so, are you actively bidding and winning projects? Are you getting paid what you deserve? Are you able to offer several different techniques with flexibility while making a profit? Are you reaching your "target audience"? Do you get help in "Continued Support" from the school you attended, or are they just not answering calls like most of them?

Why are so many "faux schools" going "cheap"? There are more "faux schools" than ever. Those lacking in knowledge, a solid curriculum, appropriate facilities, "Continued Faux Support"  and other fundamental aspects of good instruction are sinking fast, so they have lowered their prices in hopes to entice more students. Do you want to learn from a failing business? Do you want to learn from a school who has the "business plan" of just copying other businesses by lowering prices?

What's a real business plan? To learn all you can, from the best, and to formulate your goals into a unique and specific business plan, not to simply copy what others are doing. "Copycat businesses" go down the tubes the same time their competitior does, because they copied them!

What do I know about "faux" that other's don't? If that information was useless I would tell you right here, but the fact is that I paid my dues to learn from the best, and they are in fact the best kept secrets in faux! However, as a student you are entitled to this information, and I have never once had a disappointed or failed student!

Videos, E-books, DVD's, 4-hour classes, "How to Faux" Books: are worth what you pay for them, not much. Time is money, and I can save you a lot of both! If you want to be a guaranteed success I have a class for you!

Questions & Answers

Concerned about the future of "faux"? If you're interested in it then you should be! 
Here are some common questions and answers:

Q. Will there be too many people in this?
A. No, in fact, there are still not enough professional businesses to meet demand, I refer many jobs to my graduates, all over the US.

Q. How long will it be until I'm doing faux or selling jobs?
A. That pace is set by you. You can leave class and start painting the next day, and with only three hours invested in "start-up" time your busines will be fully operational. We have had graduates produce amazing results in as little as one month!

Q.I live in a small town, where are my clients?
A.They are in your town, your "target audience" will dictate who you cater to, and I will tell you how to find them. We have graduates in small towns who profit just as well as others, being the only professional in their region!

Q. I don't have a creative bone in my body, what are my chances?
A. Quite excellent! Decorative artistry is about learning and following steps and methods, if you can do that and follow our simple steps you will be a success!

Trompe l'oeil & Mural Painting Class 
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