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Faux Business Faux St Louis

DACC: Decorative Arts Center Cooperative
Faux Painting Team Affiliation in St. Louis

We are currently accepting new members into the St. Louis Metro Area faux painting cooperative.

Eligible: graduates, painting businesses, independent artists, faux painting enthusiasts, and anyone interested in full or part time work, individually or on a team in the St Louis Metro Area.

Skills: we are seeking individuals with full or limited experience in custom painting, plastering, faux finishing, venetian plaster, Lusterstone, marbling, stenciling, graining, Trompe l'oeil, murals, human and pet portraits, fine art, furniture painting, moulding applications, and a variety of other techniques. If you need training we can certify you in these areas.

Projects: range from single rooms to entire homes, commercial areas, interior and exterior faux painting and murals, furniture painting, canvases, accessories, etc.

Benefits: include but are not limited to shop access & work space, monthly training, greatly discounted class offers, job referrals & bidding, "On The Job Support", assistant contracting, opportunity to display & sell in our art gallery, local and national project offers, and more! 

Are you interested in creating high quality work, with full faux painting support throughout the job? Would you like to learn something new every day? Do you want training and the needed help to win and succeed at high profile projects? If you live in the St. Louis Metro Area please inquire with us now!

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Please request more information by 
emailing us from this link:
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Faux Business Class Pricing for our schedule / pricing!

Faux Finishing Business
We want you: for high end projects in the STL Metro Area!
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Venetian Plaster Class
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