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Faux Faux Classes

Faux Finishing, Trompe l'Oeil Mural, & Business Instruction
Faux Painting, Trompe l'oeil / Murals, Venetian Plaster, 

& all business & pricing aspects:
 Brian Bullard, Owner / Instructor, "Non- product oriented instruction"
No special faux products!

We do not promote specific brands nor do we retail, 
our objective is teaching you on locally 
accessible materials.

Faux Finishing Business
Trompe and Mural Painting Class
Threeday Decorative Finishing 
& Business Instruction - 3 days
Business Course
Essential basic and advanced faux 
finishing, complete "Design and Scenario Session", and "Faux Business" instruction to start your own small business.
Trompe l'oeil & 
Mural Painting Class - 3 days
Mural Painting Instruction
Painting what you can see. 
Creating Mural techniques to
fool the eye. Create fake windows, murals, sky scenes, using any brand name of paint.
Painted Furniture and Fixture Finishes
Faux Spring Fever
Furniture & Fixture 
Finishes - 2 days
Furniture Finishes
All you need to know when it comes
to painting furniture, cabinets, 
fixtures, mantles, and any other 
designer accessory.
Spring Fever 
Painting Seminar - 2 days
Faux Finishing Seminar
Learn the fundamental and 
advanced techniques of 
decorative painting with any 
major brand of paint.
Venetian Plaster Workshop
Pet Portraits
Real Venetian 
Plaster Class - 2 days
Venetian Workshop
Learn the modern version of this 
ancient and very unique plaster 
technique. Venetian Plaster is a colorized plaster that is a finished surface.
Classic Pet 
Portraits - 2 days
Pet Portrait Painting Course
Bring a photo of your pet
and paint a wonderful, classically 
styled pet portrait of it on canvas. 
A great business venture or gift.
Painting art on canvas
Faux Business Class Pricing
for schedule / pricing ! 
Fine Arts Canvas Painting
Class - 2 days
Canvas painting class
Learn to paint with artist's acrylics on canvas to make your own fine art!

Faux finishing business class

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