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 Some of our faux painting class testimonials
Faux Painting
From skeptic to artist: Aerin Kaiser did great in faux painting class but doubted if it would apply to her actual walls at home. With her newfound skills and some faith she surprised herself, but not us, by winning the"Faux Finishes Category" of our "2003 Excellence in Decorative Artistry Competition"

I have never considered myself to be talented or artistic when it comes to faux painting, but I have been interested in it for years, reading every instructional book I could get my hands on. I've attempted many different techniques but my projects never seemed to turn out to be quite as easy as the books claimed they would be. 

I found the Decorative Arts Center website about six months ago and was interested immediately, but was feeling that maybe faux painting required more talent than I had. I'm a mother of three who enjoys painting in my spare time. I wasn't completely convinced that faux finishing could be taught in the classroom but decided to attend. I couldn't believe how smoothly things went in class. I was still feeling a little skeptical, sure that I would get home to my massive blank walls only to find it wasn't that easy after all. I am still amazed and shocked at how well my first project turned out, corners, ceiling and all. Everything Brian taught in class worked, and made even more sense at home. I still don't consider myself to be especially talented or gifted, but I know that with the skills I learned I could be successful in my own faux painting business and am keeping an open mind for the future. I feel so fortunate to have found this school, I can't thank you enough for sharing your secrets and incredible talent, Brian!
Aerin Kaiser, Homeowner, Missouri
Faux Sky Painting
Sabrina is the 2003 winner of the "Venetian Plaster Category" & also entered this faux sky painting.

"After searching the net for a reputable school, I was most impressed with the Decorative Arts Center. Brian's years of experience and the fact that I could bring home so many new samples sold me!

The comfortable, intimate class size and the clear instruction of the techniques, encouraging us to develop our own "signature" style, lit a fire in me. We worked eagerly, Brian was always encouraging, and our final illusions in paint and plaster were surprising.
After adding the Venetian Plaster styles to my new faux boards I felt I had that "edge" to take back to clients. In the six months since taking classes I have actually "wowed" them with my new offering and increased my business. Besides adding to my list of patrons homes and businesses, I've done my first Parade of Homes. It's great being in such demand that I can pick the best jobs and people are willing to wait for me!"
Sabrina Grisier, "The Paper Dolls", Ohio
Faux Finish
Louie and his wife operate a well established company of 19 years. He specializes in high end residential and ecclesiastical (churches) painting. Above is his work in a district county judge's home.

"Painting is not new to me, as I'm in my 19th year of being a professional painter and wallpaper hanger. What is new to me is the word "artist".
After selling a few basic finishes and eventually becoming bored with them, I decided to go to a school to learn more faux finishes. 

I wanted a school where the main instructor taught the class, not some student assistant. I also wanted a class that would allow me to purchase the materials that I needed from my usual sources so I wouldn't be tied to a company or product to purchase all of my supplies. The Decorative Arts Center met those needs.
Prior to attending, I wouldn't apply any faux finish without having done them in my own home first. I now have the confidence, from what I've learned, to sell the finish from the sample I created and to succeed at the first attempt. My customers call me an artist now.
Business is still running at a very brisk pace and I already have over three months booked up this year. I took Brian's advice and moved my rates up without losing a bid. I've taken almost five weeks of vacation which I almost felt guilty about (I said "almost")".
Louie Born, Countryside Painting, Minnesota
Faux Painting in a Living Room
Karen attended with her neighbor and fellow artisan, Karan West. Both received Honorable Mentions in our 2003 competition.

Searching on the internet for a school on faux finishes, it never occured to me that I was making a career change. I already had a business, I was a successful graphic designer developing websites and publications for clients. If I was so successful, why was I researching faux finishes?

Faux painting was something I had experimented on with my home and friends homes. My frustration, and the reason for my search, was that what I visualized and painted on the wall were never the same. My results were "acceptable" but, when I considered the expense of all the "special tools and materials, should have been fantastic.

I enrolled in the Decorative Arts Center and quickly learned several techniques that allowed my average walls to become works of art. Not only do the rooms look like I visualized, but the need for expensive materials is no longer necessary.
My career focus has changed as the requests to paint the homes of others increases. The New Year brings new opportunities as I faux finish for real cash".
Karen Wisch, "GB Designs", Missouri

Well here I am. I have been so busy lately that I have not even had time to get my portfolio complete. Since your class I have made about 14k. Ok not to brag. Your class is what got the contract signed. What counted the most was the way I set up my invoice. I have had no one try to take anything off the price because they really liked the professionalism. In almost all of my meetings with the homeowners I got the same comment 
"you are the first to ...". I did what you taught me. 
Crystal Queen, Texas
Brian, How are you?  I wanted to let you know that I opened my business this month, started advertising, etc. and just this week I got a couple of people call me about projects. After your class, I took a couple of classes closer to home (I was able to drive instead of flying), but the teaching style and atmosphere don't even compare with yours. I would love to be able to take your murals class.(and she did)
Monika Dornell, Connecticut
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