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School for Faux Finishes - Faux Finishing Classes

Faux Finishing School & Faux Painting News
Studio in the Houston Heights, Texas!

Our new studio has received tons of compliments -- and traffic! It's roomy, parking is easy, everything you need is within reach. Recent students have come from New York, Milwaukee, San Antonio, Palm Beach, Phoenix...yes, we're still a national level faux school!

DAC School for Faux Finishes New Changes

Our new teaching facility features tiled floors and the same size and top-notch setup that all DAC students have come to expect. New is a student lounge, separate women's and men's bathrooms, enough square footage to hold three of our former classrooms, and 40 parking spaces on a dedicated lot!

"Go Green" Curriculum
We've been into the "green" movement since 1986, using all waterbased acrylics with low VOC's, no oils or hot solvents. And because you won't need to buy special faux products before or after the class, your inventory will shrink and your profits, and wallet, will grow!

As usual, lunch is always included with your class-- great pizza, sandwiches, etc.
Hotel Pick-ups
Stay at our preferred hotel and get a free ride to and from class each day.

Cancellation Policy
Unlike most schools, we're not reserving the right to cancel a class -- if you're signed up, it's happening, guaranteed! If you have to cancel due to emergency then your deposit is applied to any class that you choose for the remainder of the year, there are no extra fees or penalties!

2012 Class Structure / Pricing
We still offer high-quality classes at a fair price. 

Threeday Faux Finishing & Business Class:  three days for $1200. 
Trompe l'oeil - Mural Class:  three days at $1200.
Furniture Faux Finishing Class: three days, $1200.
Spring Fever Faux: two days for $750.
Venetian Plaster:  two days and is $750.
Pet Portraits: two days for $750.
Individual / Custom Instruction: $400 daily, minimum one day, max five.
Deposits: $400 for any class lasting three days, $200 for two-day classes.

Interested in Trompe l'oeil - murals or other faux painting techniques? 
Click below to see our offerings!
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