The 2005 Decorative Arts Center Competition "Fast Tips": Quick Ways to Paint!

Faux Finishing and Venetian Plaster Ideas

Walls, ceilings:
*one focal wall
*over existing base color (to avoid base painting prep)
*under chair rails
*in "panels" on walls or under chair rails
*striped over existing good base paint color
*as a border at the ceiling line
*blocking going around doors or arches, under a chair rail

Baseboards, trim, columns, mantles, plaster pedestals, cabinets, tables:
* to match the floor, marble, tile, stone, wood
*with a single wash or dragging effect
*painted with multicolor "shooting" and tapped down

Railings, lamps, fixtures:
* distressed with shooting
*as rust or verdigris
*painted with a distressed metallic gold, silver, bronze, etc

Trompe l'oeil - Mural ideas
* on furniture
*on pre-stretched canvas or panels
*as a border
*as an inlaid panel over a door or on the wall
*as a small window

Inspirational Tips

Spring Fever and Fourday Graduates:
For a quick and easy project, try using an existing base color to skip the prep. Think of the design first, a focal wall can stand alone as a piece of art, and can use more movement and color / values. Think of using multiple techniques together i.e. "Shooting" over a one layer "Brushed Wash". Fixtures and furniture can be impressive as and go quickly.

Venetian Plaster Graduates:
The fastest way is a "Distressed" over a clean base, next quickest would be a "Closed" method in a color that will cover over the base value easily. Consider the different patterns mentioned above i.e. a "border at the ceiling line".

Trompe l'oeil - Mural Graduates:
A small Trompe l'oeil window, well planned, takes 6-8 hours if you don't go overboard with details. We're still waiting to see all of those fantastic skies, a small half bath ceiling is done in about 3 hours or less! Accents on furniture or as borders can be relatively quick and work nicely.

Final Fast Tips
For a quick project, plan it first. Get all you need, do a sample or thumbnail, know what you will be doing, don't experiment on the wall! Less can be more, we've seen great simplicity as well as inventive ideas in the competition, no need to reinvent the wheel though. First and foremost, paint something and have fun, you owe it to yourself! Good luck! 

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