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Faux School for Faux Finishes - Faux Finishing Classes

Day 2, Advanced Faux Finishing
Faux Finishing Class

" If you follow our class instruction you will be able to paint almost any finish, from faux wood to marble, or any faux finishes shown in a magazine"
Move into a new realm of faux finishing! The advanced section will teach you how to create and mock beautiful faux finish surfaces using everyday materials. No special painting tools required. Learn the fundamental aspects of faux finishing, not just a recipe!

Faux marbling, faux wood graining, granite, stones, advanced blockfinishing, metal patinas, Trompe l'oeil shadowing, inlays, layering, opaque and glazed finishes and more are included in this part of your faux finishing class.

Learn to analyze in layers to decide on the proper base color, mixture, and tools when painting a marble, woodgrain, patina, and other faux finishes, whether viewed in person or pictured in a magazine!

Cost: this is the second day of the "Threeday" Faux Finishing & Painting Business Class, total price is $1200

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