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Faux Finishes Faux Finishes

Day 1, Basic Faux Finishes
Faux Finishing ClassFaux Finish

"We're covering the basic principals of 
faux finishes & how to 
integrate them in painting, not just 
different colors of faux finishes"

Get on the right, problem-free track to faux finishes. You will learn the basic, most commonly used faux painting finishes, plus all the tips you need to create a sound painting surface for your faux finishes. Includes faux parchment & leather finishes, watercolor washing, faux cracks, simple block faux finishes, and more. Learn to mix your own faux finishing glazes from paint. Find out why so many faux finishes go wrong, and learn to avoid the problems! Easier than ever basic painting (basecoats) instruction included!

Prerequisites / Skill Level: None. Every learning level, from homeowners, hobbyists, college students, painting contractors, to future decorative artists.

Cost: this is the first day of the "Threeday Faux Finishing & Painting Business Class", total is $1200

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Brushed Wash Faux Finishes
Brushed Wash faux finishes
Faux Wash
Faux Parchment
Watercolor Wash
Faux Skin Finishes
Faux Cracks
Alla Prima Faux
Faux Cracks
Alla Prima Faux
Faux Leather Finishes
Faux Stone Finishes
Faux Leather Finishes
Faux Block Finishes

Advanced Faux Finishing
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