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Faux Marble Faux Finish Marble Class

The History of Decorative Artistry:
Learn History & Paint Old Techniques

The "History of Decorative Artistry" class is a multi-media presentation and faux finishing class where you learn about the origins of faux painting techniques and actually get to try them out yourself!

Class begins with a projected multi-media presentation, starting with the oldest decorative painting: prehistoric. Did you know that the first decorative painting, stenciling, and spray techniques started on the cave walls of France over 65 thousand years ago?

We will go through the ages of all major decorative painting periods and cultures, periodically stopping to paint an actual technique from that time period! 

Among the time tested techniques you will paint are: Prehistoric Cave Painting, Roman Wall Panels, Byzantine Tiling, Renaissance Marble, Baroque Gilding, Colonial Woodgraining, Art Nouveau "Tiffany" Faux Washes, and Arts & Crafts (Mission) Stenciling.

Special note from instructor Brian Bullard: "thousands of students have awed over my classroom display of samples from Europe and asked how they were created. This class gives you the complete understanding of the origins, uses, materials, and faux techniques which were commonly used in decorative artistry of many cultures throughout the world!

Uses: Decorative artistry history knowledge. Identifying period styling and integrating it into faux design and planning. Understanding how to use old techniques with old or modern materials for walls, ceilings, mantles, furniture, doors, columns, etc.

Prerequisites / Skill Level: None. Every learning level, from homeowners, hobbyists, college students, painting contractors, to future decorative artists and existing faux businesses.

Cost: $750.00 
Duration: 2 days
Faux Samples: 8, with several techniques
Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 

Next History of Decorative Artistry Class: 
June 1-2 Thu-Fri
(Backs to "Faux Finishing Design Class" of June 3-4 Thu-Fri)

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Faux Marble Class Info
Faux History
Faux painting school
Learn about the world's best decorative artistry in full screen, high resolution!
Roman fresco painting
Pompeii, Italy: 2000 year old roman 3rd order fresco on a flat wall. Brian has traveled the world since 1986 and his knowledge of the old faux painting secrets are revealed in this class!
Faux Marble
Vatican Museums: you will be faux painting a sample of this 16th century Renaissance faux painted marble. Michaelangelo was working right down the hall when this was created!
Real Marble Inlay, not faux painting!
St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican City: Faux marble? No, this is the real thing. Did you know that much of the marble here was "recycled" after being "harvested" from roman buildings?

Trompe l'oeil Mural Painting Class
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