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Faux Finish Room Faux Painting Contest

These pages hold the proof that we're one of the best
faux painting schools in the nation, these are our graduates...
"2004 Excellence in Decorative Artistry" Honorable Mentions

Judging was based on the use of design, color, value, translucency, 
illusion of the faux painting, venetian plasters and 
murals / trompe painting as well as the amount of surface treated.
Faux Painting
Faux Finishing
Faux Finish
Martha Helton, Texas
 Faux Stone Finishing
Lorry Heenan, Missouri
 Faux Finish
Sandra Frushour
S.Carolina, Faux Finish
Faux Painting Project
Trompe l'oeil / Mural Painting
Faux Painting Class
Kacey Womack, Illinois
Leather Faux Finish
Gary Parisi, Tennesee
Mural w/ Trompe Frame
Ronda Schulte, Kansas 
 Trompe l'oeil Classroom
Faux Blocks
Faux Finish
Faux Painting
Missy Nance, Missouri
Faux Stone Blocks
Jerry Markem, Illinois
 Leather Faux Finish
Pam Roper, Arkansas 
Brushed Wash Finish 
Venetian Plaster
Faux Painting on Mantle
Venetian Plaster
Sue Hon, Missouri
 Venetian Plaster Finish
Gary Parisi, Tennesee
 Faux Marble Mantle
Sabrina Grisier, Ohio
 Venetian Plaster Walls
Faux Painting Diamond Pattern
Trompe l'oeil / Mural Painting
Venetian Plaster
Holly Whiting, Connecticut
Diamond Faux Finish
Patty Szymkowicz, 
Missouri,Trompe l'oeil Mural
Connie Madron, Illinois
 Venetian Plaster Bath
Trompe l'oeil / Mural Painting
Faux Painting
Trompe l'oeil / Mural Painting
 Diane Hansen, Missouri
 Tuscan Trompe / Mural
 Carla Bradley, Missouri
 Faux Finish w/ Trompe
 Mike Pignatiello, Ohio
 Dinosaur Trompe / Mural
Faux Painting
Venetian Plaster Walls
Venetian Plaster
Tami Fandrei, California
 Faux Finish
Dan Hooker, Missouri
 Venetian Plaster
Kacey Womack, Illinois
Venetian Plaster Columns

Everyone did an outstanding job and showed 
"2004 Excellence in Decorative Artistry"
Click here for page two of the "Honorable Mentions" of entries!
Excerpts from the written entries have been added to the "testimonials".
Ready for the 2005 contest? Click here to read more and enter
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