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mural classes, mural painting, mural classes

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Advanced Mural Class

The "Advanced Murals" class propels you into the master techniques of murals with effects used by the best in professional fine artists.

Mural class begins with a projected multi-media presentation showing the styles and effects that will be using. Special interest is given to the "Hudson River" painting style, with its dramatic lighting effects, contrasts, and realism. Students will then begin work from reference materials: photos of real objects as well as of paintings.

Included Advanced Mural class: 
*dramatic sky effects
*water reflections, colors & lighting 
*creating "level 3" trees
*fresco imitation techniques & distressing
*Art Nouveau inspired graphic styles (Mucha)
*use of complimentary colors in murals
*signature development and brush use
*being effective in mural planning & execution

Individuality is definitely promoted! 

Special note from instructor Brian Bullard: "Have you been completing murals but feel you're not being fully effective? Or is it that you're satisfied but feel your art lacks an edge? Just want to enhance your skills with some tips? The advanced murals class is your chance to "leave it all at home", to get the feeling you had you had when you first began creating art. Whether you need intense intruction, or if you want to take it at your own pace and try something new, you will walk away from this mural class with great inspiration and advanced skills".

Uses: Mural design and historic period mural styling knowledge. Advanced mural skills for use on canvas, walls, ceilings, mantles, furniture, doors, columns, etc.

Prerequisites / Skill Level: DAC Trompe l' oeil - Mural class or experience in mural painting. Please contact us if you have concerns. As usual, no drawing skills required at all!

Cost: $750.00 
Duration: 2 days
Mural Samples: 6 each, 14x22 lightweight and durable paintings, the material is 30 ply primed and based chipboard. You are allowed to bring your own canvas panels if desired, within a reasonable size. You are also allowed to do less paintings with more detail if so desired. Please contact us for info.
Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 

Next Advanced Murals Class 
April 13-14 Th-Fri
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