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Classic Pet Portraits

Our "Pet Portraits" class will guide you through the entire process of creating a pet portrait. Bring photos of any pet: cat, dog, bird, hamster, whatever you desire!

The class begins with a study of each pet: proper composition, placement, contrasts, backround options, etc. We will then use "help methods" to resize and transfer your pet portrait image as necessary. After a refresher in basic painting techniques, the pet portrait is painted with acrylics with guidance from your instructor.

Special note from instructor Brian Bullard: "Hundreds of students have adored the portraits of my cats displayed in the school. When painting clients realize I can do pet portraits they are "hooked". Almost anyone is willing to pay good money for a portrait of their pet, and I have painted them on canvas as well as into murals throughout the years".

Uses: Pet portraits for use on canvas, in murals, on furniture as well as other objects.

Prerequisites / Skill Level: DAC Trompe l' oeil - Mural class or experience in mural painting. Please contact us if you have concerns. As usual, no drawing skills required at all! If you would like to commission a pet portrait, prices start at $500 and we have a current wait time of two weeks, please contact us from the link below!

Tuition: $750 ($200 deposit) 
Duration: 2 days
Mural Samples: 2 each, 12x16 hardback canvas panels painted in acrylic. You will receive instructions concerning your pet images and formats during registration.
Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 

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Pet Portraits
What is a pet portrait worth? To the owner, it's priceless; to you, at least the class tuition on your first project!
Faux painting school
"Niles", 1997, Acrylic on Canvas
painted dog portrait
Faux Finishing Design
"Maus", 1997, Acrylic on Canvas
Faux Finishing Design Class
Birds and other animals welcome too!
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