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"Get out of the expensive and tasking habit of being locked into "faux finish products"and increase your profits!"

What is a "Non- Faux Product School"? We are a "non-faux product oriented" faux school, which means that we do not sell or support the use of any specific brand name of paint, material, or "faux finishing product".  We are in the business of teaching students in faux trade, not to promote faux products. You will be able to return home and begin painting immediately with locally available materials.

What is a "faux finishing product"? A "faux product" can be anything manufactured for the specific use of creating a faux finish. For example, special glazes, crackle mediums, specific faux finishing tools, and other materials which are "made for faux finishing" can be considered "faux products".

What is wrong with using a "faux finish product"? Nothing is wrong with using a product to create a specific effect. You should however be aware that you do not need a product to create a desired finish and that it will not guarantee your success, on the wall or in the business.  Good decorative artistry requires proper knowledge i.e. transluscency, values, saturation, hand-holds, balance, surface preparation, etc.

Why are most faux schools "faux product" oriented? Schools might be product oriented for several reasons. Maybe it is easier to run classes with pre-mixed and canned materials, or they simply have been trained on that product as well and that is what they teach with. Some schools sell products so they may have a financial interest in training students with the same material. A few claim that you can only get good results by using their products. Decorative painting is over 65,000 years old, faux products have been around a few decades, we still work without "faux products" today and achieve some of the best results.

What is better, "faux product" or "non-product"? We can tell you that our "non-product" school and methods will offer you the following: 

*Freedom: you will have the knowledge to use whatever you like after class, even if it is a product 
*Savings: your material cost without "faux products" will be much less, which means higher profits. Product trained students from other schools often complain to us that their material costs using "faux products" are often 35% of the job. The maximum material cost for our trained students is 10% on the total project cost! That means you will automatically be saving 25% on each project using our methods! 
*Time: you won't spend time ordering or waiting on special products 
*Individuality: your work will stand out and be uniquely different from the majority of people who are being trained on and using the same "faux products" in the field. 

We strongly advise you to ask faux schools if they teach with a specific product, why they do, what the cost of it is, and if it is readily available to you when you leave their faux classes.

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