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Faux Marble Faux Finish Marble Class

Advanced Faux Marble Finishes: 
Faux Marble & Semi-Precious Inlays
Take things up a notch with this unique & fun instruction on advanced faux marble and inlays. You will stand out among the crowd by mastering these eye catching faux marble painting techniques. The results will leave you amazed!

Faux malachite, turquoise, lapislazuli, amber, alabaster, mother of pearl, jasper, onyx, travertine, danby, bahia and other raw materials with special attention to layouts, grouts, and marble inlays for all types of surfaces. In addition to all of this, we will be studying origins of marble in each faux painting demo!

You will leave this faux marble class with eight excellent 14"x22" faux marble sample boards & inlays in different patterns.

Special note from instructor Brian Bullard: "There's no prerequisite for this class, if you can follow simple instruction I will teach you to paint any marble or stone. ".

Uses: faux marble columns, marbling mantles, furniture, doors, faux marble panels on the wall or under chair rails, etc.

Prerequisites / Skill Level: None. Every learning level, from homeowners, hobbyists, college students, painting contractors, to future decorative artists and existing faux businesses. If you have a particular type of marble or stone you would like to learn, send us a request.

Cost: $750.00 
Duration: 2 days
Faux Samples: 8, with several techniques
Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 

Next Advanced Faux Marble & Inlays Class: 
March 23-24 Thu-Fri

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Faux Marble Class Info
Faux Marble class
Faux Marble Inlay and Malachite
Instructor's work, above: painted chest side view with inlaid faux malachite, lapislazuli, faux carrara marble, and gold grout bands.
Student's work, below: wood baseboard painted (top of pic) to match the real marble or stone.
Faux Malachite Painting
Faux Malachite Painting
Faux Malachite Painting
Faux Malachite Painting
Faux Malachite Painting
Faux Malachite Painting
Faux Malachite Painting
Faux Malachite Painting
Faux Marble Inlay
Instructor's work: faux 
painted wall panel with
inlaid bahia granite / marble 
and silver grout bands.

Trompe l'oeil Mural Painting Class
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