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Why the Decorative Arts Center Faux Finishing School?

SchoolFaux Painting Facilities 
We have one of the best studios in the United States, and we have plenty of images showing students working in the classroom, so you don't have to wonder where you will be learning. 

ClassClass Instructor
Our instructor is the owner and operator of the Decorative Arts Center school. You will be taught and receive "Continued Support" assistance directly from him, not a third party or a subcontracted "teacher". Brian excels in all areas of the decorative arts including decorative finishing, Trompe l'oeil and mural painting, venetian plaster, and many other areas of the field; you learn from a qualified art instructor with very diverse skills.

ProductsNo "special products" 
The Decorative Arts Center is a "non-product" art school, nothing to buy or to get locked into, we do not promote specific products like most schools. No special products, tools, or materials to buy before or after the course. You can leave class and get started painting at home without waiting!

Class scheduleFriendly, Non-Intimidating Atmosphere
No need to be afraid of anything, we are all here to learn. You will be taught in a structured yet nurturing environment, bringing out the the best in your art!

No special products, tools, or materials to buy before or after the course. You can use any brand of paint after the class!
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Mural Painting Instructor Brian Bullard with a student
 Finish Info

Finishing, Trompe, Mural, Venetian Plaster classes
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