faux finishing, venetian plaster & trompe l'oeil mural painting work
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Faux finishing faux finishing, venetian plaster & trompe l'oeil mural painting work

Faux Finishing, Venetian Plaster & Trompe l'oeil Mural Painting Work
Some of my faux finishing, venetian plaster & Trompe / mural Work...
Faux Stripes Secco Plaster Faux Blocks Faux Wash Gradient
Faux Stone Imitation Faux Verdigris door Faux Granite Structured and glazed Faux Finish
Leopard mural on a Pedestal Jungle Sky Mural Trompe Window Monkey Mural
Chest of Drawers painting Riding  Mural Scene Nature Scene Murals Bird Painting
Faux Malachite Inlay Faux Conglomerate Marbling Faux Marbling Faux Wood Plane Panel
1910 Art Nouveau Faux Washed Vault Trompe Sky with Beams Trompe Moulding
Table Painting Tabletop Crackle Icebox painting Plaster Pedestal Faux
"I hope you enjoyed this small sample of my previous painting projects. Whether you would like to paint a room, piece of furniture, or become a decorative artist, I am here to pass on my years of finishing knowledge and painting experience to you"

Brian Bullard
Decorative Arts Center

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